Nexus 6P
Updates to Android are always exciting, even if they’re only a 0.0.1 update like we saw yesterday. There’s a few changes and fixes included in the update including the new Emoji which were announced last year and while the changelog is interesting, we have confirmed that the update for Nexus 6P owners on the Telstra network which was rolled out recently, is included in the update.

There was some confusion with the update, the release yesterday came with build MMB29M, where as the release for Telstra Nexus 6P owners were seeing build MMB29N on their handsets – technically the N build is later, but based on Android 6.0.0 where as yesterdays update is Android 6.0.1 – as pointed out by Dazweeja in the comments yesterday.

We’ve asked Google and they’ve confirmed that the updates for Telstra are in the new factory images, so feel free to flash away if you need to – as well as get those new emoji.

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I knew I should have bootloader unlocked as soon as I got my Nexus 6P. I hate waiting for OTAs

Adrian Mace

It’s bloody annoying. Never used to need to be BL unlocked to flash stock images IIRC.


Has anyone with a moto Nexus 6 found 4k video on Marshmallow shudders and glitches whilst recording? Especially “zooming” in causes these problems. Does 6.0.1 address this issue?

Adrian G

Hooray! Thanks for the notification.


Thanks for chasing that one up guys.


Thanks Dan! Now why didn’t Google just call the new 6.0.1 update MMB29O 😉

Matt Coutts

Cheers Dan!