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Google has today announced that their long awaited Google Play Music Family Plans, which gives 6 users access to unlimited Google Play Music for one low fee, will go live in six countries over the next few days – including Australia.

Users in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and of course Australia will begin getting access to the service ‘in the coming days’, though our testing this morning shows that some users are able to begin signing up for the offer today.

The price for the US starts at US$14.99 per month, while in Australia you can get up to 6 people on the plan for just $17.99 per month, not a bad saving – though US residents also get YouTube Red, the unlimited, ad-free YouTube service that Google launched last month.

What does a Google Play Music Family plan offer?

You’ll unlock all of the same features you’d get from having individual subscriptions, including ad free, unlimited access to more than 35 million songs and the ability for each family member to stream simultaneously on any device, all for one low price. Now, you can keep your listening experiences separate from your partner and get music recommendations tailored to the music you like. So, my husband’s Depeche Mode singles will never show up in my account – only my true favorites will be front and center.

If you’re able to set it up, there’s two ways to get the offer, one if you aren’t currently subscribed to an individual subscription you’ll be offered the choice of individual or family – or if you are signed up, in Settings in the Google Play Music app, once you hit ‘Refresh’ you’ll then see an option to re-subscribe using the family plan.

Once you decide to partake, it’s fairly simple to setup, you setup yourself as Family Plan Manager including which accounts you include as family, add in your payment details and you’re good to go.

We’re getting mixed results on accessing the Family Plan setup here at this stage, but if it’s there, give it a go.

Source: Official Android Blog.
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    vijay alapati

    tempting, Will wait till the Bollywood library range is match same as iTunes


    Does anyone know how the other family members accept the music subscription?

    I have added my partner, who hadn’t previously subscribed to Google Music but whenever they go to the music & hit subscribe, it keeps asking them to sign up for google music.


    I am having the same issue


    I don’t think it’s available for them yet. Still getting the same options.

    We will a couple of days and see what happens.

    Thank you.


    Worked for us – oh well good luck


    Tempting but Google just doesn’t have the range I want. I might wait until YouTube adfree comes along too!

    Tony Soprano

    The range? They have literally almost everything. Sure the odd thing here and there is missing, but hardly enough to complain. I’ve used Spotify too and they’re just as guitly of having missing albums.


    Sorry, quite right. See above.

    David Jacka

    Do you mean as in catalog because last I checked they were bigger than the rest including Spotify


    Sorry, quite right I am not saying it’s bad compared to any other catalogue, just not enough of what I want which is alternative/independant Australian music.

    David Jacka

    That’s a fair point. I’d like to see the same. Fingers crossed

    Daniel Tyson

    Which is where you add in all your albums to the Music Storage locker. 50,000 of your own tracks + your Google Play Music account.


    It’s a bit of a shame that early subscribers don’t get some kind of continued discount. Been an individual member since there opened it up to Australia and it would be nice if I could keep savings $2 a month.

    Phill Edwards

    I don’t think it’s a shame, i think it’s downright rude!

    Does anyone know if you cancel the family plan whether it will put you back on early subscriber pricing or just default to the normal pricing?


    You’re still saving more money than having 2 music accounts, so it’s still a better deal (even if they are both early access accounts). And early access users have had the $2 off for however many months it has been. It’s not like Google _owe_ us the money off, it was just an early subscriber bonus which we took advantage of at the time, that’s why I think it’s a shame and why I’ll be upgrading as soon as my partners trial runs out. If you cancel, I can’t imagine that you would get the discounted rate again, it’s probably… Read more »