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Tis’ the season of new TV shows, fa la la la. Google Play Movies & TV is giving away an episode of a selection of TV shows to try and entice you into a new series.

The majority of shows on offer are the pilot episode (Season 1 Episode 1), but Homeland and American Horror Story have been going for a while, so you start on Season 4 and 5 respectively. The shows go from $12.99 (for the Americans) for a single season, or you can buy each show on a per episode basis for $3.49 each. Each show will be added to your library once you select the free episode from the link below.

Get them while they’re hot, they won’t last forever.

Which of these shows is a ‘Must see’ for you?

Source: Google Play.
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    Michael Ginsburg

    Why bother? I believe most (if not all) are available on Netflix and even without a VPN