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Users are still getting used to the new paid tier of Push Bullet, but to soften the blow, the Push Bullet team has announced a new feature available to both free and paid users: the ability to remotely access files on almost any device – making it easy to retrieve that file you forgot to grab before you left work.

The Pushbullet feature doesn’t require you to setup shared folders or tag files, it simply lets you grab files from any Android or Windows based device you have Pushbullet installed on. The feature does require the system to be turned on, so any desktop or laptop that goes into sleep mode is most likely inaccessible, something to think about if your PC has corporate policies which require them to go to sleep at night.

While the ability to retrieve files is available to free and paid users, users not paying for the service are restricted. Pushbullet has said that they are not enforcing the remote files access feature this week, so you can try it out fully to see if you want to pay for better access to it.

To turn on remote files access, slide out the app drawer in the Android app, go to settings and tick ‘enable Remote Files access’. On your Windows Pushbullet client, go to Settings and then check the box next to ‘Remote Files access’.

Obviously you’re going to need the latest version of Pushbullet for Android as well as the latest Windows client, so make sure you have both and then see what you think of the Remote Files Access.

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    vijay alapati

    They also turned some of the free features(archive Gmail on phone) to Paid after this update….WTF


    Damn, I use it a lot on my Mac too, hopefully they expand it beyond Windows

    Phill Edwards

    What’s the restriction for free users? Is it file size?