Chromecast Audio 2

Following the launch of the two new chromecasts devices, a replacement media streamer and a dedicated audio streamer, in September Google has today announced two new features coming to the dedicated Audio streamer, the Chromecast Audio, Hi-Res audio support and Multi-Room audio.

Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res audio is fairly self-explanatory if you pair your shiny new Chromecast Audio up to some decent speakers, preferably with the optical (digital) output one would imagine, you will be able to enjoy your Hi-Res library streamed in up to 96KHz/24bit lossless format. For those Audiophiles out there who want ‘better than CD-quality’ audio, this is for you.

Multi Room/ Speaker casting

The second feature is something Google had previously announced as “coming”, well it seems it’s here. With the new Multi-room Groups, you can use the updated Chromecast app to create groups. Once you have created the ‘group’ it remains available to cast to so you or others can cast you audio in all its multi-speaker goodness.

From the language Google used it appears that these features are only available on the new Chromecast Audio devices. Unfortunately, due to the new Chromecast devices not being officially available in Australia, we don’t have more that one device in one place to test it with.

Do you have more than one Chromecast Audio? How did the feature work for you?

Source: Google.
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There’s a few US stores that will ship these to Australia for somewhat reasonable prices.

On a somewhat related note, does the “Search movies and shows” search box show up in the Chromecast app for anyone else (as per the attached screenshot, credit Android Police)? On mine it only shows a static “Chromecast” label next to the hamburger icon, I can’t find a search box anywhere.


Really needs multi-room on any chromecast device, not just Audio.

Why is it always like pulling teeth with Google?


We can but hope that comes in the future, as always we’ll just have to wait and see.


Now if only we could buy it. Of course what apps support 24/96? Google Play Music doesnt.




Does it? I had the impression plex converts audio to mp3. Or have they included a chromecast audio profile?


Yes, Plex on Chromecast Audio direct plays FLAC which can be encoded 24/96 as long as it’s connected via optical cable. If using 3.5mm RCA then it will downsample to 48khz.