Google Calendar got a great update earlier this week with reminders being added, today Google has announced a new update will let you ensure your calendars across multiple accounts are synced.

The update in the Calendar app for Android includes an ‘enable sync’ option in the slide out menu next to your accounts. If your accounts aren’t synced the option becomes available and tapping it will quickly sync your calendars again.

If your accounts still won’t sync, Google recommends you check out their osync troubleshooting help page, but this should do the trick. Google is rolling out the update over the next three days so keep an eye on your Google Play app updates.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
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    Phill Edwards

    But didn’t they already sync with the phone? I don’t understand what you’re saying this new feature does?

    Darren Ferguson

    I think it is meant to fix syncing not working correctly. Or you can tell it to ‘sync now’.