Pixel C team - reddit AMA
Google’s Pixel C tablet is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Initial reviews are talking about great hardware form factor that’s looking for a good software package. To promote the new tablet, the Google Oixel C team has run an AMA on reddit to answer questions or at least give a bit more information.

Running the AMA were Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP Android and ChromeOS, Andrew Bowers, Director for Consumer Hardware, Glen Murphy, Director of UX for Android and Chrome, Kevin Tom, Product Manager for Pixel C and the Software Director for Pixel C, Puneet Kumar. For those playing at home, Glen Murphy is a local boy – or as he describes it a ‘Displaced Australian’.

The AMA itself deals up some useful tidbits, including information about the USB-C port including that it supports the USB 3.1 spec as well as the USB PD (Power Delivery spec) allowing it to be used as a fast charger up to 24W – fancy. And, for those wanting DisplayPort over USB C, there’s good news with Puneet Kumar confirming the tablet will support it, but he couldn’t say when.

For those interested on where the Pixel C is going, Glen Murphy said they have a number of enhancements for the the Pixel C including Multiwindow, with the team hopeful they can share more about this soon. There was a further answer that hinted that many more features for the Pixel C are scheduled for Android N next year, possibly including the multi-window feature.

For those about to receive the tablet, it appears that the Pixel C doesn’t support ‘Ok Google’ everywhere, but said they are looking to build that into a software update. Also not included in the tablet: Double Tap to wake, which Kevin Tom said was removed as leaving part of the screen on to detect the double tap drained the battery too quickly.

And when will those updates arrive? As we’ve heard previously, they’ll be coming every 6 weeks, or as Puneet Kumar said ‘We expect to update Pixel C on regular cadence lining up with the monthly security updates for Android’.

The premium hardware design is of course a bit over the top for the often criticised tablet app eco-system, but Google sees the Pixel C as one part of a ‘chicken-egg problem’ says Glen Murphy, they hope that the awesome hardware design will drive developers – who they are apparently spending a lot of time working with – to create a bettter tablet app eco-system.

Finally, what does the Pixel C name mean? Easy: Convertible says Andrew Bowers.

Source: reddit.
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disappointing AMA. dodged or gave stock PR speak to all the curly questions.


Got my Pixel C delivered today. Awesome tablet, love it.