Cross platform messaging service Telegram has received an update, bringing more tools for data management and tools for managing those numerous sticker packs you pick up.

The update to version 3.3.2, brings with it new cache management options which make it even easier to maintain Telegram’s slender footprint when space is short while at the same time not sacrificing useful data. The new Clear Cache option allows you to quickly delete cached media by type.

Telegram cache management

By selecting the ‘Keep Media’ setting, you can control how long unused media stays on your mobile device. If you haven’t already accessed a file for a specified time, it will automatically be deleted from the cache memory section. That said, if you instantly re-download the data rom the cloud the moment you access it, it will re-appear within the cache memory section.

With the update, Telegram has also improved the ordering of sticker packs in which you can now manually arrange your sticker packs in the order you prefer of which then will in turn be synced across your devices. Access sticker settings via the new button, right on the sticker panel.

The company also stated in the same post that it isn’t done updating its app for 2015, as the company has more updates coming in the short time we have left in this year.

The update is hitting users right now on both Android and iOS users whilst Window Phone users are yet to see this update.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram Blog.