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Star Wars day is nearly here, this Thursday Star Wars fans will be treated to the first official sequel to the original trilogy when the Force Awakens rolls into theatres. In the US, carrier Verizon has teamed up with Disney – the owners of the franchise now – to offer Star Wars themed Google Cardboard headsets. Now it looks like Optus is about to offer the same deal in Australia.

Hitting their social media channels this afternoon, Optus hasn’t said as such, but they have have shown off the four Star Wars themed headsets in this video which simply says Google Cardboard coming soon and to head in store for more details:

The headsets feature designs of characters from the new Star Wars movie: Kylo Ren, BB8, R2D2 and the always classic Storm Trooper and are supposed to be used with the Star Wars app to follow on with exclusive Google Cardboard content – each message getting more intricate and informative as the movie premiere on Thursday approaches.
Cardboard - Verizon Viewers

We’ve reached out to Optus for more information and we’ll let you know more as soon as we can. You can guess where we’ll be first thing tomorrow.

Star Wars
Star Wars
Developer: Disney
Price: Free
Source: @optus.
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    Cromwel Flores

    It depends on the store. I walked into one in Melbourne and asked for the free star wars cardboard viewer. They gave me one without me having to buy anything. I did have to show them how to use it though.

    Daniel Tyson

    Which one did you get? BB8, Kylo Ren, R2D2 or Storm Trooper?

    Cromwel Flores

    I got BB8. They didn’t have any one else. Really wanted R2D2. But happy to score one anyway.

    Nicholas Hubert

    I went in to Chadstone. Same story. However we did play with one and they fit the 6P nicely. Even the fact that I had just signed up to a 24 month $80 contract couldnt sway them.

    Adrian Mace

    Just got off the phone with Optus store Knox City. They are stocked but only available to customers who sign up on a 24 month $80 or higher plan. Didn’t seem to budge on giving me one any other way.

    John Bousattout

    According to their twitter responses, ‘You’ll need to purchase an optus service’.
    They’re not clear as to which service you’ll be paying for. Whether it’s post paid, pre paid or outright handset purchases.

    I want one. lol