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Google Play Books is getting an update, which should help you drift off to sleep a little easier.

Called Night Light, the feature begins removing blue light from your screen, with Blue Light commonly associated with keeping you awake – so once enabled the display will slowly drift into a more sleep inducing amber light as though the sun were setting. When the feature will activate isn’t clear, but the post shows that readers peak reading times come between ‘8:00 pm and 10:00 pm local time’.


To activate the feature, open a book and swipe down to view the formatting view then flick the switch called ‘Night Light’. You can hit the small (i) symbol to get a better explanation of the feature, which shows the switch from bright white light to amber. Once activated you will get a notification saying ‘Night Light will begin this evening’.


While this sounds like a great idea, more control over when the feature will activate would be appreciated – especially from shift workers.

The update is rolling out to Android and iOS, so keep an eye out for update notifications. Of course, if you want to use this feature that badly you can of course download the APK and side-load it.

Source: OfficialAndroidBlog.
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    This is something that needs to be in Android, not just isolated to a single app.