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There’s quite a few Lightsaber apps out there on Google Play, but with Google’s recent partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm to promote the upcoming Star Wars film, there’s now an official way to do it.

Google has launched their latest Chrome Experiment, called ‘Lightsaber Escape’ which has been built in partnership with Disney and the team behind the special effects on Star Wars, Industrial Light and Magic. The game is built using web standards as you’d expect from Google including:

The rich 3D graphics were built with WebGL, enabling beautiful, high fidelity 3D renders within the browser. We’re also using WebRTC and WebSockets to enable high accuracy, real-time communication between your mobile and desktop devices, reducing latency and improving interactivity

The experiment pairs the lightsaber in your phone to your desktop browser where you’ll need it to help you escape a star destroyer. To load the game, head to in your desktop browser and then use the short-link on your mobile browser to start playing.

The game is a heck of a lot of fun and make sure you turn up the sound on your phone to get the awesome accelerometer driven lightsaber sound effects as you go through the game. If you’re a star wars nerd, this is definitely a game to try out.

Source: Chrome Blog.
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    Doesn’t work on Ubuntu 🙁