Australian developer Halfbrick Studios has announced a new update for their flagship game – Fruit Ninja – announcing that they are removing all in-game currency and reverting to an Experience Points (XP) based system.

The new update will be coming in the next few days, but removes all in-game currency, with any in-game currency such as Starfruit or Gold Apples being converted to XP that players can use to unlock items or level up. Halfbrick has also announced they’ve added in a bunch of new items and they’ve raised the level cap up to 100 to allow for the potential influx of new points in the system.

Games which don’t rely on in-game purchases are becoming fewer and far between so seeing a title revert to their original premium experience of an all inclusive title is pleasing.

Halfbrick recently celebrated Fruit Ninja’s 5th anniversary, so this makes for a nice present to all the fans. If you’re wanting to get into some good old fashioned fruit slicing action, the premium version of Fruit Ninja costs $2.99 and the update to remove in-game currency should arrive shortly.

Fruit Ninja Classic
Fruit Ninja Classic
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Price: $0.99
Source: Halfbrick Studios.