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The annual Samsung flagship release at Mobile World Congress is rapidly approaching and as usual in the lead up there are plenty of rumours circulating about the expected specifications and potential new capabilities of the upcoming devices. This latest set of rumours come from a fairly reputable source with the Wall Street Journal quoting information from ‘people familiar with the matter’.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Galaxy S7 will add a pressure sensitive display; similar to the Huawei Mate S as well as the iPhone 6S, as well as a USB-C type high speed charging port that will ‘allow for a full day’s charge in under 30 minutes’. Other rumoured improvements include a MicroSD slot, at least for the standard version and there is consideration from Samsung to adding a retina scanner to some features (presumably related to security such as password storage and access), though this is likely to be dropped according to their source.

The Galaxy S range have traditionally launched around Mobile World Congress in February before going on sale in selected markets in early March, expanding quickly across other worldwide markets. The new head of Samsung Mobile D.J Koh has seemingly released some information suggesting that the S7 will evolve the S6 rather than revolutionise the look and feel of the device.

My biggest hope for the Galaxy S7 is that they find a way to improve the camera over the S6 (which was brilliant for a mobile camera) and not mess with it too much, but even Samsung can’t stay still with rumours pointing to a module that will lie flush with the rear of the phone.

If you could improve one feature on the Galaxy S6 for the upcoming S7, what would it be?

Source: Wall Street Journal.
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yeah that’s all but fine, what really is needed a better effort in screen protection since we are heading down the IPhone path. using glass front & rear. And since now phones are being sealed the use of aluminium on the rear is a good direction like the M9. Pressure sensitive front screens are fine jus look at Apple new add on TV. certainly looks impressive. I have a S6 edge plus. and I’m frightened to use my phone because of glass front and rear.


Good software for once wouldn’t go astray. Needs better battery life too.

Made the mistake of purchasing the S6 and jeez, that was not a good decision.

Copying Apple with 3D touch won’t make their image any better. They need to come up with new, different ideas.

Phill Edwards

From what I read, the thing that really put me off the S6 was poor battery life, so they need to address that.

vijay alapati

I’m sure USB C will be happening but return of Micro SD means return of touchwiz Lag 🙁