Google Play Movies
Google Play Movies & TV for Android has updated with a new feature for budding movie collectors. The new feature lets you add movies to your wishlist even if they’re not yet available in your region.

The update lets you search Google Play for movie titles and even if they’re not available and then as the label says, you’ll be notified when they become available to buy or rent. There’s quite a few movies that are on my wishlist, mainly due to rights issues not allowing them to be sold or rented in Australia – Young Einstein and Man from Snowy River 2 are only available in the US, go figure?

This adding of movies to wishlists will of course give Google, and the movie studios valuable data on what titles people in various regions are looking for – and that’s Ok in my book. If only Google Play Wishlists would notify you when the titles go on-sale, that would be an even more welcome feature.

The update appears to be quite freely available through Google Play right now, so make sure you’ve updated to the latest version and start adding your favourite movies to your wishlist.

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