Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Gingerbread…Marshmallow, we’ve all come to appreciate the new tasty treat that Google serves up every year which represents a new version of Android. What we’ve all done previously is wait for Google to choose then announce the name, but next year it could be us choosing the name of the next version of Android.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on a visit to India has addressed college and school students, raised the topic of the name of the next version of Android and said ‘Google may organise an online poll to choose the name of the next Android release’ he further added, given his audience ‘And if all Indians vote, I think we can make (an Indian name) it happen’.

Based on the last couple of years, we’re likely to see Android N in at least developer preview builds at Google I/O in mid-2016, before being released with new Nexus device(s) around October/November, with the name of the version being announced a little before when the new Android Lawn statue show up at the Googleplex.

So, what should it be? There’s a number of tasty treats starting with the letter N that could be picked up for the next version of Android, ranging from licensed properties such as we saw with Android 4.4 – Kitkat, such as Nutella, Nutter Butter’s(a biscuit), Nerds or more likely into a generic dessert such as Nougat (probably a front-runner at this stage), Napolean (a French pastry) or more palatable to Australians after missing out on Android Lamington is Neenish Tart.

There’s no guarantee this wasn’t a throw-away line from Mr Pichai, but it would be interesting to see some sort of a community driven name for the next version of Android.

What’s your thoughts on the name for Android N – and what version will it be?

Source: NDTV.
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    Alex D

    For me there is really only 2 options here for Google to with N desert like name which is either Nutella or Nesquick – which would probably be a favourite given Google had a previous partnership with Nestle for KitKat


    Nacho, na-cho man…..I’ve got to be..a nacho man!

    vijay alapati

    i personally think the best are eclair, froyo, ICS, Kitkat and i’m yet to try marshmallow


    N has to be Nerds!


    Something that can be bought in the supermarket easily that gives prizes like the kit kat promo…Nutella?


    They should have done it with M as there were so many more options for M than N.
    What you are suggesting is probably what they will chose.
    Looking ahead they are going to have some trouble with O and Q. I just googled for a list of confectionery names and there is not really anything in or or Q for that or deserts too.


    Nut Cluster for ‘N’

    O = Oreo (of course, nice little marketing tie in)

    Q = Quince Tarte