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Property website has been at the forefront of implementing Android functions into the app and today they’ve announced another exciting new function: Voice commands.

From today, users with the Domain app installed on their device will be able to access a range of commands using the ‘Ok Google’ voice command, allowing them to get information quickly without having to type out a command. Commands like ‘Show me houses near me on Domain’ or ‘Show me open houses on Domain in the next seven days’ and the Domain app will bring up the results.

Google opened access to the ‘Ok Google’ voice commands to third party developers back in May this year. At the time of the launch, Google was closely monitoring developer access to the feature, asking for developers to submit their expression of interest – perhaps hoping to avoid having the ‘Ok Google’ command taken over with ‘junk’ commands – but this implementation looks to be pretty darn good.

Domain has time and time again shown their Android app design to be top of the line. Domain was the first company in Australia to implement a Google Now card and were very fast to ingegrate Android Wear into their app – Google even featured them as part of their Developer Focus series which shows off developers with excellent Android apps.

The app, with the updated ‘Ok Google’ functions is available now from Google Play, check it out and see what you think.

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    vijay alapati

    Domain is really aggressive to bring and use technology.I heard that they are trailing the VR headsets in their offices so people can see the houses in #D without going to the property. now that’s called keeping up with time