Star wars preorder

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out in cinemas in Australia for a little over 33 hours, despite it’s just released status you can now pre-order you SD or HD digital copy from Google Play so you can “Get this movie as soon as it becomes available.”

We’re observing a strict no spoilers approach to the new Star Wars movie however if you’ve seen it – or haven’t seen it – and know you want a copy in your Play library Google has made it easy to add it now and get it when it’s eventually released. If you’re interested head on over to the Playstore and grab a copy.

For those more musically inclined amongst us, you can also buy today the soundtrack fro the new movie. WARNING, minor spoilers in the track titles so if you don’t want to potentially know the sequence of events in the movie stay clear until you’ve seen it. For those less worried about spoilers or who haver already seen it, you can grab a copy in the Playstore.

Are you adding Star Wars: The Force Awakens to your play library?

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    The only benefit to pre-ordering is if they allow you to preload it. Does this allow for it?

    Daniel Tyson

    Not sure I understand the question. On the day the content is available you get a notification saying ‘Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens has been added to your library’. Once you get that, you fire up Google Play Movies & TV and it’s ready to play.

    Mike Stevens

    Hahaha. Quick, pre-order your copy now before they’re all gone!


    I’m new to this….will the movie be available sometime in the near future or when the dvd releases?

    Mike Stevens

    Oh definitely. This pre-order thing is probably just a “why pay later when you can pay now, and then be reminded that it’s available” thing.


    To be fair they haven’t billed me for pre orders in the past until it shipped

    Mike Stevens

    Ah cool.

    Daniel Tyson

    Generally at the same time as the DVD is released in stores. It’s just easier to get if you don’t want to go out and get the actual DVD.