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If you’re a hands on type, you’re most likely familiar with the spirit level as a useful tool around the house, but you may no longer need to reach for it any more with Google including a bubble level tool in their mobile search results.

The search for either ‘Spirit Level‘ or ‘Bubble Level‘ can be done on mobile devices with a java based tool appearing at the top which uses the accelerometer in your phone to give you an idea of where is level. The tool works in three planes: horizontal, vertical and on a flat plane, with a digital degree readout sitting just below the tool to give you an exact spot for level.

Not a bad inclusion for search, but now the debate rages on with regards to what do developers who released a spirit level app on Google Play (the results of which are displayed below the tool) do now. Give the tool a go next time you’re doing something around the house and see how it goes.

Source: reddit.
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    I don’t see a problem with it. They’re providing the most basic functionality. I did try it though and it’s about 3 degrees out in portrait / 1 degree in landscape and with no way I can see to calibrate it.