CES is looming on the horizon and LG has started the pitches off early, but it’s not their traditional product they’re talking about today, it’s their robotic vacuum cleaners. Their new model, the HOM-BOT Turbo+ as part of their CordZero range will come with a neat new trick, it’s ‘connected’, has a camera with ‘Triple Eye camera sensor’ and it can pair with an app on your phone.

The integration of connected technology and camera has been thought out, adding a new feature called Home-Joy which lets you target specific areas via a smartphone app – tap an area on the image from the camera and the robot vacuum heads over to clean up. The camera also powers two other features: Home-View and Home-Guard – both of which allow you to get a video feed from in your home, with Home-Guard also allowing for motion sensing.

LG’s CordZero vacuum cleaners have some of the most powerful suction in the world, with LG recently winning an injunction against fellow vacuum manufacturer Dyson forcing them to remove advertising material claiming their models have twice the suction compared to other manufacturers on the market – with LG claiming CordZero cordless canister vacuum is ‘more powerful and has twice the suction power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum’.

More details on the launch of the HOM-BOT Turbo+ CordZero robotic vacuum cleaner will be coming up at CES in the first week of January. I for one am quite interested, so expect to see a vacuum cleaner review on Ausdroid in 2016!

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