Motorola Moto E Gen 2
Motorola’s gen 2 Moto E is a heck of a great budget phone, though at its RRP of $249 it’s a stretch to call it ‘budget’, but, if you’re after a Moto E gen 2, then you can grab one today for a more budget friendly $132.

Thanks to a tip from eagle-eyed Ausdroid reader (and ex-writer) Jamie who noticed that Dick Smith Electronics is offering the phone for just $132 as an online exclusive for today only – that’s $66 off their normal price. The online exclusive means there’s no click and collect option, so it’ll be delivered, but seeing as the delivery fee to my door was $0 using their estimator that’s a great deal.

The Moto E gen 2 was initially left out of the list of devices receiving a Marshmallow update, but Motorola has recently confirmed the phone will receive its Android 6.0 update next year.

The Moto E gen 2 is a great phone, I really liked it when I reviewed it, it ran well, the camera was Ok and it felt great in the hand. If you’re in the market for a cheap phone, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this one for a while.

Source: Dick Smith.
Thanks: +Jamie.
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    Alternatively, The Good Guys and Officeworks are selling the Moto G 3rd Gen for $299 right now, if you want a little more bang for your buck…

    vijay alapati

    Thats a stunner deal…..i would have purchased one only thing if it had a nfc 🙁
    Still a great phone


    This phone is perfect for mums, but instead they buy $950 iPhones…

    Anton Pergl

    Looks good specs, the only issue i would raise is it seems to be missing 4G 1800 Mhz which Telstra uses (and possibly other telcos also). 1GB Ram is OK if you don’t do a lot of multitasking I suppose.

    Daniel Tyson

    Actually it DOES include Band 3 (1800MHz) support as well as support for Band 28 (700MHz) that both Optus and Telstra are using. Sadly for Vodafone customers, it doesn’t support their re-farmed 850MHz Band 5 network.