Christmas Google
Merry Christmas, that’s the greeting you’ll be hearing a lot of today – and as usual Google is well into the spirit of the season with a Christmas themed Google Doodle – their third in three days actually. They’ve also set a couple of search terms with a trigger to show a Christmas theme in the search results.

There’s been three Christmas themed Google Doodles so far, with the first appearing on December 23rd, a new one yesterday and finally a new one today.

Search terms are varied, so far we’ve triggered the theme with the search terms ‘Xmas‘, ‘Christmas‘, ‘Noel‘ and ‘Feliz Navidad‘ – but ‘Yuletide‘, ‘Yule‘ and ‘Nativity‘ aren’t bringing up anything.

Now, if you’re not into the Christmas thing due to a different religion who is also celebrating at this time, you can also search ‘Hanukkah‘ for our Jewish friends and for devotee’s of ‘Kwanzaa‘ you too get a themed search result as well.

Finally, for Seinfeld fans head over to Google and search for ‘Festivus‘ and the traditional metal pole is displayed down the side of the page, and you can check off all your Festivus traditions leading up to the airing of grievances.

And, all of these – except for Festivus unfortunately – also appear to be live on mobile as well.

There’s probably a couple we’ve missed, so feel free to add any ‘Holiday’ themed searches you can think of below in the comments.