If you’re a member at discount warehouse chain Costco, then a Nexus 6P might be a pretty good purchase right now, with the phone available from now until the 3rd of January for just $799.99.

The offer is valid only in stores which have a Vodafone Mobile Centre in the store, which we can confirm the Canberra and Auburn branches do have one – but can’t vouch for other stores. The Vodafone counters launched in Costco stores around a month ago according to Vodafone, so some stores may still be waiting to get their counter.

The discount on the phone, which normally sits at $888.99, is now showing on the list of latest coupons available on the Costco website – though you won’t actually need a coupon to claim one.

Update: the deal is for the 64GB Silver model just to clarify.

Nexus 6P Costco

The cost of a Costco membership will set you back $60 per year, which then allows you to get all the $1.99 Hotdog/Softdrink’s you can handle – though you can actually refund it at anytime if you claim to be unsatisfied.

If you’re near a Costco and want a decent price on what we found to be a fantastic phone – head into a Costco near you.

Source: Costco.
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Cem Bilici

Nabbed one for myself from the Moorabbin store last week along with a tempered glass screen protector and wallet style case. Loving this phone. My first Nexus device and very pleased with it.


Does any of the Melbourne stores (Ringwood, Docklands) have a Voda kiosk?


Really hate Google Nexus phones they always has very high price initially but after one or two months you can buy it with more than $200 cheaper, same for Samsung phones. Apple products never have this isses. If Google still does the same no one will buy Android phones again.


You sure about that? The N5 and N6 stayed the same price for nearly 10 months. They only drop the price in the last few months before the new model. Shock.


Are you sure? Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are fine as they all very cheap initially. See Nexus 6 and 6p prices in Australia. Can you still remember what’s the initial price for Nexus 6 in Australia? It’s around $869 and you can buy this at around $600 in JBHIFI long time ago. It’s not about 10 months man. Also don’t check the price on Google store as it’s useless. And see how much price for 6p on Google store? 64GP cost you around $1000, but how much in JBHIFI and Costco? And please check the price in two months,… Read more »


You mad bro? Google is that bad? Thats cool. Go buy a iPhone and leave us to be.


The difference is that iPhones stay at $999 forever…

Richard Morey

64gb is $499 from Google


Not in Australia it isn’t.

Richard Morey

Oh sorry. I did not realize this was talking about Australia.


AUSdroid 😉

Pawel M Hanusowski

The phone doesn’t cost that much from Google directly. Did someone get the numbers wrong ?


64GB Silver from Google Store is still well over $900.


Can’t you get the 6P for around $750 at Virgin


32gb from optus. 64gb from costco.


That’s still really expensive.


It’s cheap when compared to an iPhone (spit… spit!!!). I think it’s the depreciating value of the $AUD to blame, not Google this time.

I picked up a Nexus 5X for a little over $700 from JB Hifi, and I’m really happy with it. My Nexus 6 I use as a tablet now.

Tony Soprano

Eh, most high end flagship Android phones are very comparable to that of an iPhone. The price difference is largely minimal.


since you mentioned depreciation, non-Apple devices also depreciate faster too.

picked up an LG G3 for around $200. It’s less than a year old.