HTC’s 2014 flagship, the One M8 is currently receiving a very long awaited Android 6.0 update beating the 2015 One M9 to the punch.

Users on both the Optus and Vodafone network are reporting that they are seeing the update, though Telstra customers have yet to report in. The Android 6.0 update brings the update to HTC Sense 7.0 UI for One M8 owners, as well as all the other Marshmallowy goodness like the refined Material Design, battery saving Doze feature, individual App Permissions and of course one of the headline features for Android Marshmallow: Google Now On Tap.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.15.39 am

Vodafone and Optus both list the OTA for the One M8 update as either rolling out or completed on their respective software update blogs, while Telstra expects to deploy the update on the 15th of January.

There’s no update on the One M9 on any of the sites, though Vice President of Product Management with HTC, Mo Versi did tweet on the 23rd of December that the Marshmallow update for the M9 was rolling out to unlocked versions of the handsets – but given his US focus that could be a regional thing.

Thanks: Dane.
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    Scott McDonald

    I’m in Australia with Optus with a HTC one M9 and I’m still waiting for the Android 6 update.


    Got the update on Christmas day. Really loving it so far, have been getting almost slightly more than double battery life since updating

    Forhan Noor

    Still waiting for update in Asia region with unlocked M8…


    I’m wondering about the performance impact of marshmallow’s encryption if HTC has enabled it.


    Telstra, thanks for nothing! If Vodafone and Optus have the update ready and Australia’s premier Telco isn’t allocating sufficient resources to meet their customers needs.

    I’m growing very tired of Telcos holding up software updates especially when they contain important SECURITY UPDATES! Not good enough Telstra. I think I’ll buy outright in future and go through a MVNO.

    Well done to HTC. Update speeds are definitely improving.


    Don’t shoot me for asking this, I’m genuinely curious… If you take your Telstra sim card out, and try to update again (manually while you are on WiFi), would you be more likely to get the update? Or, even through WiFi, would the update system be able to tell you were using a “Telstra” phone, and block the update?


    My understanding is that Telstra push out the updates for all Telstra branded phones. Even if it had a Voda Sim or on Wifi etc it would have no impact on software updates.


    Fair enough. I’d just heard rumors that if you remove the sim card and connect to WiFi only, the device is treated by update servers as a non-network specific device (like a tablet with no sim card slot) and is updated accordingly. Wasn’t sure if that was true.


    I haven’t heard that before but I’ll try it and report back. Any chance you can remember the source?


    Didn’t work unfortunately..


    You’re getting confused with the Lollipop update from last year with Telstra withholding the update if you had a telstra sim in it. This could be resolved by removing the sim and doing the update. However this issue is different. HTC has enabled the update for phone IMEI or Serial numbers which were sold to Optus or Voda. So if your handset came from either of those two companies, you’ll get the update, if it WAS on Telstra and you moved to Voda or Optus, then you still won’t get the update, as it’s defined by the handsets number (serial… Read more »


    Ahhh okay… I didn’t know the update process was dependent on the device IMEI (which in turn is connected to the network it was sold by, or is locked to).


    On Optus and got my update last night

    Andrew Smith

    I’m on Telstra and have already received the marshmallow update, am really liking it.


    Telstra sim or Telstra device? I have a Telstra branded M8 and I don’t have the update..

    vijay alapati

    Kudos to Htc for getting carries push this early. Hope they set add example for others ome’s

    Any news on g4 update? Brought a G4 yesterday. MY First LG phone ?