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As we rapidly approach Mobile World Congress the rumour train has a full head of steam up and we’re sure to hear more and more over the coming 8 weeks or so. This time its another rumour around the expected announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The latest is that the Galaxy S7 will sport an iris scanner. This is far from being a ‘new’ rumour since there were murmurs of the Galaxy S5 having the same feature nearly 2 years ago. Unfortunately for the rumour, there’s little substance to it; despite wide reporting in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, there’s no detail on exactly where the retina scanner is, how it will function, any schematics or anything. In short, it’s an empty rumour that doesn’t seem to be grounded in anything, but who knows. Maybe it will have an iris scanner, but it just doesn’t seem likely in a realm where manufacturers struggle to get even basic photography right.

On top of this latest rumour, there’ve been others too, including the Galaxy S7 coming in 2 screen sizes, a pressure sensitive display & quick charge port and rumours of the phone already being tested by AT&T in the USA the picture of what we should expect is getting clearer by the day.

What would you like to see from the Galaxy S7 to make it a ‘must have’ for you?

Via: SamMobile.
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Hope not. I had this function demo’d to me on a 950 recently and it has the same problem that Face Unlock had; you have to hold this thing like you’re framing a shot, i.e. dead-on to your face. It also takes ages. While I’m sure software might cut this down, it’s nowhere near as fast as fingerprint scanners I’ve used (iPhone, S6, Nexus 6P).


Is this on the initial capture scan or subsequent unlocks?


all of them. You can see it in YouTube videos too


Literally the only thing stopping me from buying a Galaxy phone is Touchwiz. I’m not putting up with an ugly, janky skin and slow updates. Never. Go the Motorola route and you might finally have a customer.

Tony Soprano

Are you mentally ill? TouchWiz has been pretty damn good for the past couple of years now.


How many people using Touchwiz have Android 6.0 compared to stock Android users? I’m using a nearly three year old Nexus 5 and I’m running a newer version of Android than phones that came out just months ago.

And I’ll bet my N5 is a lot more responsive than a bloaty GS4 or GS5. It’s always been like this. Stock Android doesn’t just look (subjectively) nicer. It’s (objectively) faster and more efficient than phones running Touchwiz or other heavy skins.

Brad Hook

I just sold my Note 4 because of how utterly putrid TouchWiz STILL is, even on latest versions. It’s come a way, but no where near enough.

I’m at the stage where any Android phone that isn’t Nexus, or as close to AOSP as possible isn’t even getting a look in.

I get that manufactures need to differentiate themselves, but why fix something that’s not broken? Google has hit gold with their UI…