Camera MX
If the idea of breathing a little more life into your photos appeals, then Live Shot, a new feature in AppicLabs Camera MX sounds like it could be for you.

There is going to be a lot of comparisons between Live Shot and Apple’s Live Photo feature which was announced alongside the iPhone 6s/6s Plus in September last year – but the idea was old even by the time Phil Schiller took to the stage to announce it, with HTC’s Zoe kicking off the original idea.

Live Shot, basically takes a couple of seconds of video and embeds it in the photo, which you can view and share.

Camera MX have understandably changed the name of the feature, though calling it Live Shot is near enough that you’re going to know what they’re aiming for. Here is how Camera MX describes the feature:

NEW! Dynamic photos with the ‘Live Shot’ feature
Create moving Live Shot photos and relive funny, exciting or romantic moments through your photos.
It’s easy: The app saves the last seconds before you take the actual photo.
This way, you can view your Live Shot as an animated photo and share it with friends, or rewind and select and save moments as individual photos.

Sharing is quite easy though rather than an animated photo Camera MX simply shares an MP4 file. The Live Shot does lose some of the magic of Apple’s Live Photos with its ability to share an image which can be animated at a touch, to any iOS device running the latest version of iOS.

Live Shot is still a fairly neat feature to add and Camera MX is a pretty decent app for photo and video editing overall. It’s worth a look, and at the grand price of free with no In-App Purchases, it can’t hurt to just check it out.

Camera MX - Photo&Video Camera
Camera MX - Photo&Video Camera
Developer: MAGIX
Price: Free+
Source: Google Play.