Chinese phone maker Oppo has announced a new line of phones that will launch this year, with a heavy focus (hah) on photography.

The Oppo F-series will be launched later this month with the F1 announced as their first model, though more phones will be coming later this year with Oppo announcing the F-series will be a core product line for the company this year. Though no specs have been advised for any of the phones the F-series will bring a premium camera experience as well as ‘impressive specs, eye-catching style and amazing prices’.

Mr. Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business, said

We are very excited to introduce the F series, which will allow an even wider range of users from all around the world to experience OPPO’s outstanding photography technology.

As one of Oppos major markets outside of China, Australia should see the F series released here. We’ve enjoyed the Oppo phones we’ve seen so far,  so cant wait to see what the new F-series has to offer.

Via: Androidpolice.