It’s no stretch to imagine that Samsung will unveil an updated Samsung Galaxy Sx flagship this year, and the Galaxy S7 is where we’re up to. The leaks have already started to flow here, including multiple sizes, differing features, and even an iris scanner as possibilities.

An image published on the web over the weekend has revealed some new information about the 5.7-inch, Snapdragon 820 powered variant of the Galaxy S7, and it sounds tasty. Firstly, let’s look at that size — the 5.7″ device was rumoured to be one of up to three, with smaller 5.1″ and 5.5″ variants on the cards as well — however it now seems that there may in fact just be the one size, perhaps two. Speculation is that there’ll be a ‘standard’ Galaxy S7 with a 5.1″ display, and a Galaxy S7 with a 5.7″ display to accommodate the extra space on the curved sides.

As for the camera, we’re likely to see a 12.2mp sensor, as indicated by a previous rumour. The drop in resolution (from the 16mp shooter in the 2015 lineup) is explained by a larger pixel size, which would be a welcome improvement, allowing more light into the sensor for better low-light performance. The front camera is also detailed, coming in at just 5mp on the unit sampled, though there is hope the front sensor will jump to 8mp on a final unit, as in the Samsung Galaxy A9.

The rest of the specifications are unremarkable in that they fit with existing rumours; 4GB of RAM, QuadHD screen resolution, fingerprint sensor and that Snapdragon 820 CPU.

Further leaks, from Evan Blass (now of VentureBeat) include:

  • Fixed storage options of 32GB and 64GB, dropping the lower (and not so useful) 16GB variant.
  • Battery size starting at 3,000mAh for the S7, and 3,600mAh for the S7 Edge.
  • A f/1.7 lens aperture (compared to f/1.9 on the Galaxy S6) which is a significant improvement.

We’ll have to wait and see, with Samsung’s next Unpacked event likely to take place sometime around 20 February 2016 in Barcelona. We should be on the ground in Spain to cover this (and other) event as part of Mobile World Congress, so as soon as we know more, you will too!

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Mike Stevens

Title says images, where’s the rest!

vijay alapati

“dropping the lower (and not so useful) 16GB variant.”…lol….this has been done in 2015 sammy flagships. Looks like a poor leak or poorly written