Here at Ausdroid we have covered and reviewed quite a few multi-room speaker setups, most with Google Cast support. All the big names are starting to throw their hats into the ring as the world becomes more connected. Now well known speaker company Harmon Kardon is having their turn.

Over at CES, Harmon Kardon have announced their new multi-room audio range, the Omni+ collection. Combined with their Android controller app the wireless speakers all support Google Cast for Audio and Spotify Connect. Multiple speakers can be connected to produce surround sound such as with other manufacturer solutions. Even your old wired speakers can be integrated through the Harmon Kardon Adapt accessory which sounds an awful lot like a Chromecast Audio-type device. This accessory though will allow you to connect the old wired speaker to the Omni+ network.

There are four speakers in the range, the Omni 10+, the Omni 20+, the OmniBar+, the Adapt+, and the Omni 50+ which offers IPX5 splash-proof protection, an in-built rechargeable battery and outdoor capabilities. Along with WiFi all speakers also support Bluetooth and auxiliary audio inputs that can be re-streamed to any other Omni+ speaker on the network.

With prices ranging from $129US for the Adapt accessory and $US 199 for the Omni 10+ up to $999US for the OmniBar+ the Harmon Kardon speakers, as expected are set to compete with the high end offerings from Sonos and Bose. At this stage there is no news on Australian pricing nor availability.

Source: Harmon.