HTC Vive v2
HTC is making their way into the VR world with great noise, with almost universal praise for the unit from anyone who has tried it. With comsumer sales set to begin in April this year, HTC has announced a new developer model of the Vive they’ve named the Vive Pre.

We’re a admittedly a little of track here with the HTC Vive, the headset isn’t an Android product, nor will it be used to play Android games, but it is from a much loved Android OEM and both Jason and I who have tried the Vive and absolutely loved it – so give us some leeway ;).

The Vive Pre, is a second-gen product aimed at developers, with HTC set to release another 7,000 developer units this year before the consumer launch. The Vive Pre is a complete package with a re-designed headset that’s more comfortable to wear to give users a greater sense of immersion. The Vive Pre is more compact than the original and the image on the headset has been refined to give increased clarity – it’s also been re-designed to allow better compatability with more face shapes and of course glasses wearers.

The Vive Pre also incorporates a front-facing camera on the headset, which will improve the immersion in the virtual world, allowing for better interaction between virtual and physical worlds.

The unique control system has also been overhauled with a more ergonomic design that brings greater control, balance, softer edges and textured buttons and grip pads. There’s a new dual-stage trigger for better interactions in VR and now use micro-USB rechargable Li-Polymer batteries with up to 4-hours use.

The HTC Vive is due to become available in April 2016, Jason will be getting hands-on with the Vive Pre while he’s at CES and will hopefully bring another hands-on look at the improved setup.

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    vijay alapati

    The new samsung VR headset for $150 is really gd, not sure how this is stand against eachother, meanwhile Samsung vr has a better app store

    Daniel Tyson

    Completely different products. Samsung is for mobile, Vive is for Pc. Having used Vive I can tell you Samsung has nothing on Vive.