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Lastpass is one of the most popular cross-platform password managers out there, and today they’ve released version 4.0 of their service and associated apps. The team has been hard at work to improve the design and add new features, and the new emergency access feature is quite cool.


The emergency access feature lets users designate trusted family or friends to have access to your password and secure vault in case of emergency; you can decide how long a waiting period should be required before they gain access to your passwords and notes. During that time, if you wish, you can decline their requests to access your vault.

There’s many scenarios we could come up with where this will be helpful; for example, if you are caught overseas without internet access, your family and friends can get access to your accounts if needed. Should you fall unwell or become incapacitated, your trusted contacts will be able to gain access to your accounts and secure items, as needed, to manage your affairs.

In an era when so much of our lives is conducted online, this feature could become truly useful. Imagine a secure way to allow your family to manage your Facebook and other social media profiles should you become permanently incapacitated, or should you pass away, without having to go through countless and unnecessary steps with various social network operators. This is an issue which has perplexed many of late, and Lastpass’ innovation here could make the process just a bit easier.


The new design shows through too, and the dashboard’s new look and feel demonstrates the new layout, including access to convenient tools, quick search of your vault, easy navigation between passwords, notes, and other settings, enhanced icons for services and more, as you can see above.

The new Lastpass 4.0 is being incrementally rolled out to users over the next few weeks; no action is needed on users’ behalf, the in-browser apps will be updated automatically in the back end. The mobile apps (for Android and iOS) will be updated soon, if you haven’t received the update already.

Lastpass is a free service, with a premium option available for $12 per year, free with some Samsung and other devices.

Source: Lastpass Blog.
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Fingerprint unlock with LastPass is DA BEST, Jerry!

As of this latest update Chrome is now much more of a joy to use with LP (don’t need to hit the tick on the keyboard anymore).

That emergency feature sounds really cool.

Long time LP, Premium user. Couldn’t live without it!