Samsung claims leadership the wearable category, and while we somehow doubt the veracity of that claim, its Gear S2 range is certainly a contender. Though it isn’t Android Wear, Samsung’s Tizen platform has finally come of age, and as I discovered last year in my review of the Gear S2 (and Gear S2 Classic), these are remarkably enjoyable and usable watches. Plus they actually look great.

Samsung has unveiled two new elegant editions of the Gear S2 Classic (in similar timing to Huawei’s release of new, elegant Huawei Watch designs), one encased in 18K rose gold, and the other in platinum, offering users greater options to style appropriately.

The new Gear S2 Classic devices aren’t just new colours and styles; they feature new NFC technology which will pair with Samsung Pay, available to US users in early this year, and in Australia not long after.

There will also be an increased range of watch straps and watch face options available, including premium watch straps designed by the likes of Colombo, and new watchfaces including Peanuts characters, and artworks from Keith Haring, Jeremyville and others.

Pricing hasn’t been announced just yet, but we should see these new variants available from February.

Source: Samsung CES.
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Any idea what this “new” NFC is? I thought the current Gear S2 both include nfc and can be used for Samsung Pay when it launches …