It now seems that everyone is doing it. Google must be over the moon for so many companies to be adopting their Google Cast technology into their wireless speakers. This morning we reported on Harmon Kardon announcing their new Omni+ range of wireless speakers, and now it is Sony’s turn.

Sony is introducing new audio functionality to their speakers to create the networked home entertainment, just as other manufacturers have done before them. They have announced a new premium range that includes the HT-NT5 2.1ch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and the HT-CT790 2.1 channel premium sound bar with wireless subwoofer, a four-speaker SRS-ZR7, a smaller SRS-ZR5, a STR-DN1070 A/V receiver, and a couple of Blu-ray Disc players.

All speakers can be combined together for surround sound or used separately as a standalone unit. All speakers and the A/V Receiver offer Bluetooth, and Wifi connectivity, supporting Google Cast, Spotify Connect and Multi-room capability via SongPal app.

Available in the US in Spring (our Autumn) there is as yet no information on price. As usual there is also no information on availability in Australia although I have no doubt they will eventually make their way down under.

With all this competition for the consumer dollar in this sector of the market hopefully we will start to see some of the prices start to drop on the high end offerings.

Source: CES.
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While this is cool news it’s not the first set of Google Cast speakers Sony has released. I already own a Sony Google Cast sound bar and sub woofer that I purchased a month or two ago. Sony’s also had a series of portable WiFi speakers that utilise Google Cast available for some time (probably half a year at least).

Damon Lewis

I’ve got a 5.1 speaker set (well, sound bar + 2 rears and a sub) from Sony which was released ~October last year with Google Cast (Audio only).


Agreed. Nothing new. I got Sony ht-rt5 months ago. It supports Google Cast, Spotify, etc.