Lego Education (the part of the company with 100% less Star Wars than usual) has announced the release of its WeDo 2.0 kits for classrooms at CES 2016.

WeDo is a classroom kit that allows kids to build Lego solutions to tasks and learn about physics, coding and robotics along the way. The new version is a serious update to the original kit that was released in 2009 and now offers Bluetooth low energy connectivity for controlling the creations.

Each kit is designed to support 2 students, and estimates peg the cost of kitting out a classroom at about $2,000 (your classroom size may vary, however). The control app is available on Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

Lego Education has been active in Australia for over 30 years, and a number of local distributors will be happy to talk to you about kitting out your classroom with the new WeDo kits.


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    Classroom, schmarsroom. I want this at home!