During my time on the CES show room floor, I came across Energrid, a system of charging pads that interconnect in various ways to make charging your wireless – and wired – devices simple and easy.

Energrid consists of interconnectable pads that support both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards and stands that allow you to stack the pads on top of each other where space may be a premium. If you’ve got some more space on your desk, you can connect the pads side-by-side and end-to-end as well.

The stands – which come in “short” (2-up) and “long” (3-up) varieties – also have Qualcomm Quick Charge USB 2.0 connectors in case you have a device you want to charge that doesn’t support wireless charging.



The company says they’re preparing for a US launch in March, with a price per charging pad of US $30-40. They weren’t quite ready to put a price on the stands yet.

Find out more: energrid.us.com