The Room Three

The wildly popular “The Room” series of mobile games recently released its third instalment, aka The Room Three, on iOS. Unfortunately, for those of us on Android who love the franchise we were left with promises of ‘coming soon.’ Well, the developers Fireproof Games have kept their promise and released the game to Google Play.

For those unfamiliar with the Room, it is a puzzle game that presents you with a series of “puzzle boxes’ to unlock to progress through the story. The game is mysterious and somewhat eerie in it’s visual and sound design and is great for hours of enjoyable play. The game supports Google Play Games achievements and cross-device cloud saving, which the developer has also integrated into some of their previous releases.

Check out the release video:

If you’re interested in trying a fantastic mobile first game and demonstrate to developers the Android users are just as willing to pay for great games as those on ‘other’ platforms, then jump on over to Google Play and check it out.

The Room Three
The Room Three
Developer: Fireproof Games
Price: $3.99

If you want to check out the whole series, and I recommend you do, then check out their Google Play Store page.

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    Nice one, thanks Duncan. I get hooked on these games. And now that google play purchases work again with Telstra carrier billing I can grab it 🙂