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If you’ve been looking for a cross platform password manage in the wake of the LastPass sale to LogMeIn, then you may want to get in on the 24 hour deal on Enpass Password Manager.

As part of their daily deals, myAppFree is offering to unlock the Pro verison of Enpass Password Manager for free, a saving on the normal $13.83 In-App Purchase usually required. Enpass is a cross platform utility with apps available for Mac, Windows and Linux and the database will sync across using Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or even your own WebDAV/OwnCloud – thats right, you don’t actually need to sign in to an account with Enpass.

The usual features are available, AES-256 encryption, random password generation, auto-fill login credentials. There’s options to import your data from other password managers like LastPass as well to help you transition from one to the other.

It looks pretty good, so grab it for the great price of ‘Free’ and while you’re at it, try out myAppFree and see what you think of that as well.

Developer: MYAPPFREE S.R.L.
Price: Free