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Want a discount on an LG Nexus 5X or Huawei Nexus 6P? The Australian Google Store is offering a $100 discount on both phones in all storage configurations.

The discount has been applied to the Nexus 5X which has dropped significantly since it first launched, and the Nexus 6P gets a full $100 taken of the 32/64/128GB models. All colour options for both phones are available, though the Nexus 6P in White Frost is still limited to just the 64GB model – and the Gold model is still frustratingly still unavailable in our region.

Nexus 5X

Original New Price
16GB $659 $479
32GB $739 $559

Nexus 6P

Original New Price
32GB $899.00 $799.00
64GB $999.00 $899.00
128GB $1,099 $999

Whether the price reduction is temporary or permanent isn’t clear, but the sale does mention ‘Back to School’ so it could be temporary. The phones are being offered with free delivery but it’s the slowest option so if you want your new phone faster you can pay extra and have it on your doorstep in just a couple of days.

Head over to the Google Store and check it out.

Source: Google Store.
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    Has any of the latest Android updates fixed the reported bluetooth issues for the Nexus 6P (especially in car kits)? If these issues are now resolved & the Telstra issues seem to be resolved, I might have to look at investing in one.


    Still the same overly inflated price in the kiwi play store of NZ$1099


    The 5X and 6P should have been at these price ranges right from the start. then I might have considered buying a 16GB 5X…

    As it stands, I’m more than happy with my $255 Moto G 3rd Gen (2GB/16GB, with a 32GB memory card). Perhaps the Nexus team will give us something more suitably budget in 2016 or 2017?

    Simon Adam

    where did u get the moto g 3rd gen for $255 ???
    im in the market for a phone for the mrs as she smashed the screen on her phone
    looking at a nexus 5 as they can be had on ebay for $250 only drama is its from china


    Between Xmas and New Years, The Good Guys (and Officeworks) dropped their Moto G 3rd Gen price to $299 in store, on their website, and on eBay. eBay then created a 15% discount offer to celebrate the new year. $299 – 15% = $254.15… I was stoked! The 3rd Gen is a good deal at $299, so to get it for $255 was an absolute bargain! The best part is that it’s the Australian model with a full Australian warranty… No grey import issues!

    vijay alapati

    hmm….tempted very much for 5X, currently using nexus 4 (8GB) on 5.1.1
    Not ready to spend more than $500, i depend on cloud mostly except for games 🙁 so do u think 16gb is fine?


    Can anyone confirm that the Nexus 6P works 100% fine with Telstra now?


    Confirmed it works fine now since they released the OTA fix and now have incorporated the fix into the latest build. I haven’t had any issues since.


    Thanks for that. I also heard it’s a little bit of messing around getting the right OTA. Something about two builds out there at the same time – is this right?


    No worries. I haven’t had any issues getting the right OTA as I haven’t flashed any updates manually they’ve all been OTA. So when I got the phone I got the November security patch and then I got the separate fix for the Telstra 4G issue a few weeks later and just this morning I got the latest update to MMB29P (6.0.1 and January’s security patch), previously I was on MMB29N.


    Yeah I got the Jan 1 security patch for my 2013 N5 this morning too. So if I want the OTA with the Telstra fix I just have to wait it out or is there an easy way to flash it immediately?


    Are we talking about on the Nexus 6P still?




    If you’ve got a Nexus 6P you should of recieved the OTA fix for the Telstra issue by now or if the phone is on MMB29M (6.0.1) from December or MMB29P (January) it would of been included as part of those builds/updates. In terms of flashing it manually I’m not too sure as I haven’t done it myself you’ll need to look or ask on either Whirlpool forums or the Australian thread on XDA under Nexus 6P General, as you’ll need the download URL for the update.


    Rightio no worries. I’m really tempted by the 6P, especially with this $100 discount. My N5 battery struggles to make it through a day and my Nexus 7’s gyro and/or accelerometer have died (it’s permanently locked in portrait). A 6P might be able to fill the role of both devices but I’ve been gun shy with all these reports of major Telstra issues.

    I’ll do a little more reading but I reckon I might be convinced. Thanks again.


    No worries. From what I’ve been reading on Whirlpool (there’s a Telstra Issues thread for the Nexus 6P) and also on the Google Product forum for the issue the issue has been resolved now. So you shouldn’t have any issues and even if you did Google have a return policy so you can return the phone back to them for a full refund. 🙂

    Björn Rostron

    I’ve got the Nexus 6P and its working perfectly on the Telstra network. The update fixed all the problems surrounding Wifi and 4G/3G


    JBHIFI have the 5x 32gb for $547.00 and the 64gb 6P for $897.00 save waiting / paying for delivery. and Optus have had the 32h 6P for $749.00 forever.


    Does JB still offer a $50 trade-in too?


    Seems like a smart business move. Now that the excitement of being the newest thing has worn off and people are looking forward what new phones are on the horizon, Google can help to keep their excellent phones in purchaser’s minds as a viable option with a decent discount. I bought a 5X for my daughter last week for a similar price.