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It’s that time of the week again, Google has discounted another app and game to a low 20c each and this week you can grab Xenowerk from Pixelbite or Photo Studio PRO from KVADGroup.
App Deal of the Week
Photo Studio PRO
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If your idea of fun is processing any and all of the photos you take on your phone or tablet then Photo Studio PRO is for you. The app essentially gives you the tools and filters you need to retouch any image you have in your camera roll or a pic you just snapped.

Photo Studio PRO offers all the tools you could ever need from basic rotate and crop as well as controls for brightness/contrast and more through to over 200 special effects such as shadow, fabric, rust and lots more, as well as over 150 unique filters. There’s also the option to create collages and action sets – basically anything you could want to do with a photo.

Photo Studio includes all the options, there’s no in-app purchases hiding here so if you want a good looking all-in-one tool then Photo Studio PRO is probably for you.

Photo Studio PRO
Photo Studio PRO
Price: $13.99

Game Deal of the Week
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If you’re after an interesting looking game to while away the hours or even just a few minutes then Xenowerk could be for you.

To start with, a bit of a warning, the game contains In-App purchases ranging from $3.26 – $16.33 per item so be careful if you get a little hooked.

That out of the way though, Xenowerk looks awesome. It’s a top down third person shooter set in an underground science with you attempting to thwart an infestation of..something that’s derived from a science experiment gone wrong. Not convinvced? Well, if you have a Nexus Player or some sort of Android TV console the box is compatible. Also, check out the trailer:

If a shooter is something you’d love to try, check out Xenowerk it’s just 20c even if you don’t invest in the In-App Purchases.

Developer: Pixelbite
Price: Free+

That’s it for another week – Xenowerk is my pick this week even with the IAP, basically I’m loving playing games on Android TV and 20c is just too good a bargain to pass up. If neither of these float your boat then check in next week and see what they have then.

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