It’s that time of year, we’re going to be seeing a lot of rumours in the next month or two in the lead up to Mobile World Congress (MWC), where the next LG G series phone, the G5 is rumoured to be announced. The latest rumours come from C-Net Korea and they’re talking about a new modular design that will let you slip the battery in without removing the back.

The rumour is based on an eyewitness account, upon which C-Net has had renders drawn up which show the modular design of the battery and phone. The comparison is going to be something akin to inserting a magazine into a handgun, but as with that design there’s very likely, if the design is correct, good reason for it. The article talks about a release mechanism to keep the removable base in place, possibly something spring loaded.


The previous rumours of a premium, metal, unibody design would make this a very good choice while also allowing a removable battery – something that was a winner for LG on the G4 after Samsung ditched the removable battery on their Galaxy S range.

The render also shows a rear mounted button, though it strays from previous LG G series designs of the rear mounted keys and more into the round fingerprint sensor on the latest Google Nexus phones – but this is only a render, so take it with a grain of salt.

Spec wise, the rumours on the G5 have run rampant but after the very well received G4, we expect good things. LG is rumoured to be using the new Snapdragon 820 processor on the G5 and will move the screen down to a more manageable 5.3″ at least according to rumour. The all important camera is looking likely going to be a 16MP and after the video focused V10 handset, could have improved video functions.

The launch of the phone at MWC isn’t guaranteed, though is possible with LG yesterday inviting press to a launch in Spain around the mobile event. LG has been slowly moving up the launch of the G Series flagship every year to more align with the Samsung release schedule, so it’s not completely out of left field.

Chris will be on the ground at MWC and we hope to attend the LG event and get a look at whatever LG has up their sleeves which we can only hope will be just as exciting as their usual fare.

Source: C-Net Korea.
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Andrew White

The side volume rocker is typical of other makes and is simply wrong when holding the device. Why change what works beautifully.
If the battery is indeed accessable from the bottom modularly, then other manufacturers could also pick up on this concept. Isn’t Google fabricating a modular device?
Will Samsung be manufacturing Qualcomm’s 820 (14 nm) quadcore chipset which has been benchmarked at over 130,000 ……Antutu score?
From memory my old G3 scored 49,000.
Current G4 is brillant, but I like many others want cutting edge and I’m certain LG will deliver.

David Anderton

Volume rocker on the side makes me very excite


That battery design is brilliant. Given that LG tends to only have one real flagship, dropping down to 5.3″ may attract more buyers. The G4 is a brilliant phone, but it didn’t sell that well. It’s a shame, as LG deserve success.

vijay alapati

That battery design is similar to HTC legend which is also a Metal build