Nexus Imprint
Google’s implementation of fingerprint security in Android 6.0, called Nexus Imprint, has been adopted fairly slowly by developers, but support is growing. Exactly which apps have support for Nexus Imprint isn’t an easy thing to track, but one user on reddit has begun crowd-sourcing the list of apps to come up with a comprehensive list.

The list isn’t particularly long – there’s only 28 on the list, and of those 1 is having issues with Nexus Imprint and only supports other fingerprint security like Samsung and several others are finance apps only available in the US. But still, the list exists and there’s some interesting new apps to check out on there and if you know of any apps not on the list you can submit it to be added so other people can find out about them.

If you’re interested you can head over to the Google Doc and check it out, and click the link at the top to add any others.

Source: Google Docs.
Via: reddit.
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    None of them are quite useful apps.


    I wish my bank Westpac would get onboard

    Phill Edwards

    Thanks, interesting list. Got excited when I saw Keepass2 on it, but it’s only for Samsung phones at the moment, so no love for Nexus 5x owners.


    KeepShare supports Nexus Imprint, auto form-filling, and is pretty good. The free version is read-only but good to try to see if you want the full version.