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Google Maps is possibly one of the hardest worked apps on my phone when I travel, even around town it gets a workout for traffic use etc. and now it’s going to get even better, at least if you live in the US.

Google has announced a new update coming in Google Maps version 9.19 called Driving Mode which promises all the bonuses of being in navigation mode without all the hassle of entering addresses. As Google says:

Now with just one tap on Android, you can find out whether you should hit the road or put in some gym time while you wait out the gridlock. Get information like ETAs, traffic updates, nearby gas prices and quickest routes to familiar places–like home, work and recently searched destinations–all without entering a destination.

The update, which is rolling out now (or as usual you can find in other locations), gives you the option to add a ‘Driving’ widget to your home screen, but from our tests it’s either not live as yet or just not available here in Australia – much like their ‘Search along route’ and ‘Gas Prices’ feature. Still, it looks nice.

Google Maps - Driving

Love me some Google Maps, but I wish Google would really announce that these things are region restricted. Look out for the update rolling out to a device near you – it doesn’t do anything but it’s an update!

Source: Google Lat-Long blog.
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    Set language to US English.
    Install TunnelBear app from Play Store, make sure its connected to United States.
    Open Google Maps app and sign out and back in again.
    Driving Mode immediately appears.
    Uninstall TunnelBear.
    Profit 🙂


    Thanks alot for this tip
    that retarded update was making me crazy
    im a heavy user for google maps and i usually use it when driving . and without the navigation driving become annoying and dangerous.
    you saved my life buddy thanks a lot