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It’s early days in 2016, but already there’s 2016 Nexus phone rumours, this time pointing at the maker of the original Nexus: HTC.

According to a post on Chinese social media site Weibo, from someone apparently with a history of ‘good’ leaks, the struggling Taiwanese phone and electronics manufacturer will work with Google to release two Nexus phones this year. The release of two Nexus phones in different size form factors last year is seemingly going to be repeated, with the rumours pointing to phones with 5” and 5.5” screen sizes being released.

HTC’s most recent Nexus outing, the Nexus 9, was met with a tepid response and while it’s not a brilliant tablet, it’s still a solid every day performer that’s still in line to receive updates for some time to come.

HTC’s Nexus One is one of the most venerated phones among Android afficianados with the sleek lines, big and bright screen (for the time) and of course the iconic multi-coloured trackball/notification light.

The financial situation of HTC hasn’t been the best of late, with some less than stellar financial results coming through and a well received Nexus phone or phones as the case may be, could put them on a better track. HTC though has other plans as well, entering the fitness wearables market with their UnderArmour powered ‘Health Box’ announced at CES which is almost available for sale and in April they will begin selling their critically well received HTC Vive Virtual Reality.

With a solid strategy of varied, hardware and new platforms to sell, if HTC can launch a truly notable flagship phone this year, and pull off making this years Nexus phones, then 2016 could just be the year that cements HTC’s future.

Source: Weibo.
Via: GadgetArena.
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    Shakeel Ali

    As a long time HTC fan, with my first smartphone being a HTC, i cant wait to see HTC back in the Nexus game, or for that matter for them to seriously get into the brilliant flagship game.


    Huawei is the new HTC


    As a loyal HTC customer (I have no other handset in my smartphone life apart from HTC), I really don’t care any more. I was so looking forward to the A9 but that doesn’t look like hitting our shores. Nexus or no Nexus, I for one will not be purchasing HTC any more. As @@zeitgeb3r:disqus said below, please let them die so that better companies can come through.


    Death of HTC means less competition in the Android space, so Google is stepping in to prop them up?

    Google, please let them die naturally through market pressures, so that true agile, lean and innovative handset makers would emerge.


    Well now this could be interesting. The best hardware maker in Android with the best software experience could be a great device.

    But I’ll wait till a more credible source like Android Police break the news.


    Are they really still the best hardware maker in Android?


    HTC… Please, please, PLEASE make it under $500 AUD!


    Yep, it will have a crap camera too. Like all other htc phones

    Dennis Bareis

    Long time Nexus buyer but I want bigger, not smaller 5.5 is too small for me.


    This, I skipped the 6P for this very reason. Will replace this N6 AMOLED screen as it burns out each year until 6″ returns.


    Yeah. My Nexus 6P 5.7″ is too small for me (albeit I’m a short 5’2″ foot guy).
    I prefer a true 6″ inch phone. Could never go back to anything below 5.7″.
    No. I’m not being sarcastic.

    vijay alapati

    Lol…. They messed up Nexus 9 and still they want one more chance…? ? ?