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After announcing they were stopping regular Mobile Bundles in favour of one-off special bundles, the Humble Bundle team has remained true to their word and you can now grab a new Mobile Bundle featuring games from Bandai Namco.

The range is pretty decent with options to pay just $1USD and get Crush the Castle, PAC-MAN Kart Rally, and Flight Control. If you beat the average price, which stands at $4.83USD at the moment, you also get Ridge Racer Slipstream: Special Edition, Puzzle Quest 2 Full Edition, and PAC-MAN Championship Edition – that’s a lot of games, and they promise there’s more to come. If you want all these and more, then you can pay over $5USD and get PAC-MAN CE DX as well.

As usual, payments for the bundle can be made with Credit Card, Amazon Payments, BitCoin and PayPal, with an option to support a charity as well – this time around it’s Save the Children.

The Humble Bundle generally hangs around for 2-weeks and then it’s gone, so if you’re after some great games head over and check it out now – and don’t forget to side-load the Humble Bundle Android app to keep track of your collection.

Source: Humble Bundle.