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Discount supermarket chain Aldi will begin selling a sports activity tracker this weekend for the low-low price of just $69.99.

The Crane Sports branded activity tracker doesn’t seem to have many specs attached to it, with Aldi simply ready to tell you it can track activity and sleep, tell time and wirelessly sync to your phone through an app – oh, and it’s available in Pink, Green, Blue or classic black.

The Crane Acitvity Tracker appears to be listed on their website as the 2.0 model, which lists that the device is both iOS and Android compatible. The app is the Crane Connect app from Google Play, which appears to be designed to sync with the entire range of Crane Connected Bluetooth fitness devices, which includes a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Blood Pressure monitor and their GPS tracking Watch.

The manual for the Crane tracker, lists it as waterproof while swimming, bathing/showering up to 30m.

If you’re after a new fitness tracker, check it out – or you can always look at other options like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which is starting to appear, which while it doesn’t have a screen, does have a heart rate sensor and is cheaper. If this is the band for you though, get into Aldi this Saturday to check it out.

Crane Connect
Crane Connect
Developer: Latitude Limited
Price: Free
Source: CraneAldi.
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    Any thoughts on how this would pair with say, Strava etc? I am completely new to such things.