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Google’s featured app and game deal of the week is a mostly regular weekly deal, but this morning it seems that Google only updated the Google Play App of the Week Deal, dropping the price of Runtastic PRO Running, and leaving Xenowerk as the Game Deal of the Week Electronic Arts Need For Speed: Most Wanted has been added.

App Deal of the Week
Runtastic PRO Running
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For any runners out there, you’ll very likely be familiar with Runtastic, with the app able to use your smartphone’s GPS to map and track all your sports and fitness activities including running, jogging, biking, walking and hiking.

Runtastic includes neat features such as voice coaching to really amp up your workouts, and a social sharing functions to let your friends know where you’ve been. But it’s really the tracking that most users want, and it has it all, plotting your data onto an easily readable map, which includes data such as duration, distance, pace, speed, heart rate, calories burned, elevation gain, time and when you finish you get a post-workout hydration recommendation.

Runtastic includes Android Wear support to help start and stop runs without needing to pull your phone out of the armband, but Runtastic will also auto-pause your run when you stop – handy at those pesky traffic lights.

There is a downside to Runtastic with the app running as a freemium service, locking some of the features behind In-App Purchases which range in price between $0.99 – $74.99 per item. It’s still worth checking out though, so head across to the Google Play Deal of the Week and check it out.

Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness
Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness
Developer: Runtastic
Price: $4.99+

Game Deal of the Week
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
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Late to the party but still welcome is Electronic Arts Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Unless you’ve been stuck in a hole or a long time, you’ll very likely be familiar with the Need For Speed franchise, it’s race car driving at its best with high-end graphics and an excellent physics engine that lets you race the hottest cars on the planet except this time around you’re outrunning the cops.

There’s down sides to Need For Speed: Most Wanted like the large footprint of the game which sits around 1.9GB and there’s a large 550+MB Download to start with.

If you’re Ok with the size of the game, then you should also know that NFS: Most Wanted is also a freemium game, with In-App purchases available in the game for between $4.49 – $38.99 per item – that’s on top of the 20c you pay for the game. Nevertheless you can still have a lot of fun without spending an extra cent in the game.

If you’re after a cheap game to play and you haven’t grabbed Need For Speed: Most Wanted in one of the numerous sales that EA have featured the game in already, then head over to Google Play and grab it for an excellent price.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
Price: To be announced

If there’s any changes, we’ll update, but otherwise we’ll check in again next week.

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