After announcing Chrome Custom Tabs at Google I/O last year, Google began implementing the feature in Chrome Beta in August. The feature has begun appearing on other third party apps and now it’s also come to another Google app, this time with Google+ now allowing some users to open links in Chrome Custom Tabs.

The update appears to have come with version 7 of Google+, but has been enabled by a server side update that appears to be rolling out quite slowly. Chrome Custom Tabs speeds up viewing of webpages by offering apps the ability to use the Chrome web engine with all the benefits of Chrome such as access to saved passwords, auto-fill information and the ability to customise the tab to look like the app, but without all the cruft of the full Chrome browser.

Google has quite a detailed run down on Chrome Custom Tabs on their Chrome developer page, which you can check out here.


The update is very limited at this stage, you need Google+ V7.0 and Chrome V45, but those should be completely rolled out by now. If you’ve seen it sing out in the comments below.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free