We’re less than a month away from MWC 2016, and while we’ve seen quite a few leaks about LG’s G5, and slightly fewer about Samsung’s Galaxy S7, we’ve heard considerably less about HTC’s 2016 flagship. This is a little bit odd, considering that HTC has launched its flagship phones at Mobile World Congress in years gone by… so what’s going on this year?

It looks as if the answer may be the most simple one; HTC won’t be unveiling the HTC One M10 at Mobile World, instead they’re likely to be holding a separate event sometime in March, for an April release. From what we understand, HTC was planning on a MWC announcement for the HTC One M10, but was forced to delay the introduction after management returned quite a few prototypes to the design team. With an entirely new design, it’s not surprising that there may have been issues with earlier designs.. though it’s a bit sad that this may have pushed the launch out of MWC territory.

From what we’ve heard, the M10 is likely to include a fingerprint sensor (as will the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7), up to 23MP rear camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 3,000 mAh battery. HTC are also reportedly working on making the device IP68 capable, for water and dust resistance. At this stage, it’s just rumour, of course, but we remain excited to see HTC’s refreshed design this year.

Source: IT Home (Chinese).
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Phill Edwards

What would influence my decision is s phone with SD card and really good battery life. Everything else is standard, but these could differentiate. Manufacturers need to stop slimming devices so they have poor battery life.


I know this is a bit off topic but what happened to the One A9 in Australia?


We’ve heard nothing since the international launch. No idea whether it’s coming here.


Wouldn’t mind giving HTC another go especially if they make it IP68. My first HTC phone was the Desire Z, a good quality phone at the time.