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After making a limited appearance a couple of weeks ago, Google has this morning officially announced their new weather cards for Android.

The cards are described as an ‘upgraded weather experience’ for Android, and offer a more friendly, less sterile option than we’ve seen from weather cards so far. The cards are colour matched to the predicted weather conditions, and there’s a new character featured on the cards which Google describes as their ‘meteorologically inclined friend’.

To access the new cards, you simply have to search ‘Weather’ or open the Google App and search “will it rain today?” to bring up the new cards.

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The cards have a lot of information including hourly sky conditions, chance of rain, weather alerts for severe weather, air quality, UV index, sunrise/sunset times, a detailed 10 day forecast – and more.

Google will allow you to save your favourite locations by simply searching a location, then clicking ‘Add’, once added you will start seeing the new locations in your drop-down dialogue in search.

The Weather cards are showing up intermittently so far, but Google did advise that the feature would appear ‘whether you’re facing a blizzard in Boston, rain in London or unseasonably cold weather in Sydney,’

Source: InsideSearch.
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    Michael Dart

    If only the forecast wasn’t often several degrees different than the BOM. The cards are nice but I find I only use their weather as a ballpark.


    Getting the new cards now. It’s a nice change. 🙂


    Crikey! The Google now voice has an Australian accent! When did this happen? They have an Australian female voice!

    OnePlus User

    Just been looking around to see if anyone else had noticed it – I wonder if they’ll do an announcement in time for Australia Day.


    Got a big surprise when this happened this morning but I still don’t have e new weather cards 🙁