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Google is gearing up for Tuesday next week with a bunch of sales in Google Play, with discounts applied to Movies, Books and Music.

The sale has a focus linked from the main page on Google Play, which features a curated selection of books, music and movies that are on-sale, but on each page you’ll find more items listed as discounted.

In Movies, there’s a lot of ‘non-Australian’ features, but you can pick up a selection of Aussie films such as The Castle which is available for $7.99 in HD, as well as Paper Planes and Oddball. I also highly recommend picking up Dredd for $4.99 in HD – bargain.

Google Play Music has a selection of albums chosen with a much heavier Australian focus, with music from Aussie artists like Silverchair, Slim Dusty, John Farnham, Inxs and many more. There’s some good bargains to be had in here, so check out the Aussie Albums on Sale focus now.

For Book lovers, Google has put together a focus for you to check out filled with local authors. There’s disappointingly no John Birmingham or Matthew Reilly included in there, but you’ll find other Aussie authors like Peter Fitzsimmons and Colleen McCullogh. There’s some decently priced books in the range, so if you’re looking for a quiet Australia Day reading a book, check out the range and see if anything tickles your fancy.

If none of that grabs you, check out this great ad for Lamb from Lambassador Sam Kekovitch: