Users of Google’s email service Gmail have probably noticed in the last week or two that it has been a bit flaky, with delayed notifications, or in some cases, notifications not triggering at all until the app is opened and the service manually polled. It seems it hasn’t just been for Gmail accounts either; Hotmail users have also been experiencing sync issues, but Google has today released a new version of the Gmail app which fixes those concerns.

A Googler took to the Gmail Help Forum to confirm that the fix for Hotmail accounts not syncing properly on Marshmallow has been fixed and the latest version, rolling out now, will address the issue for users.

A more concerning bug that remains unfixed in version 5.10 seems to be affecting Nexus handsets in particular, but that said, I’ve experienced it on LG’s G4 as well. Devices aren’t receiving push notifications for Gmail messages and as someone who relies on email to get things done, this is very annoying. It appears the Gmail team have identified the issue, however, and they’re actively working on a solution. Hopefully it won’t take too long for this to be fixed.

Some users are reporting that disabling battery optimisations for Gmail in Marshmallow fixes the issue, but it’s not consistent; that fix hasn’t worked for me.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Ah. I thought I was going crazy wondering how I had email, but didn’t remember getting any notification. Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy.


There’s a big long thread on the product forums for Inbox as well for basically the same issue. Sucks when my iPad get’s perfect notifications but my Nexus gets none…